General Terms of Participation in THE PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS

§ 1 Purpose of the charity campaign
    The main goal of the "Package for Christmas" charity campaign is to fulfill the Christmas wishes of children undergoing oncological treatment in medical facilities throughout Poland.
§ 2 General provisions
  1. This regulation defines the rules and conditions of participation in the Campaign.
  2. Participant registration for the campaign occurs by sending a letter to Santa Claus and filling out the registration form available on the website paczkanagwiazdke.pl in the Send a Letter section.
  3. The terms used in this regulation mean:
    • Duration of the Campaign – the period indicated in § 4 sec. 1,
    • Campaign – Charitable campaign organized by the Social Committee for the Package for Christmas,
    • Participant of the Campaign – a patient aged 0 to 18 years undergoing treatment at a children's oncology ward in one of the hospitals covered by the campaign. The list of hospitals covered by the campaign can be found on the organizer's website paczkanagwiazdke.pl,
    • Organizer – entity indicated in § 3 sec. 1,
    • Beneficiary – entity indicated in §2 sec. 3,
    • Donor – a person voluntarily undertaking to fulfill the gift,
    • Regulation – this regulation,
§ 3 Organizer and Beneficiary of the Campaign
  1. The Organizer of the Campaign is: Social Committee for the Package for Christmas
    located at ul.Szkolna 100, 38-457 Świerzowa Polska, phone number (+48) 792 091 084
  2. The Beneficiaries of the Campaign are Patients of Children's Oncology Departments from hospitals covered by the campaign.
§ 4 Duration of the Campaign
  1. The opportunity for Beneficiaries to join the Campaign begins on 1.10.2024 and ends on 26.11.2024.
  2. The Campaign may be shortened or canceled, particularly in the event of force majeure or other event beyond the Organizer's control. The Organizer will promptly inform about the shortening or cancellation of the Campaign.
§ 5 Conditions for participation registration
  1. The Campaign is open to Beneficiaries – patients of children's oncology departments – undergoing oncological treatment at the department or supportive treatment at home.
  2. Each Beneficiary of the Campaign can send one application.
  3. The application – a photo of the letter to Santa Claus – will be made available to the Donor for viewing.
  4. The value of the gift requested by the Beneficiary should not exceed 300 PLN.
  5. The gift should consist of no more than 3 items – this is to limit the shipping costs borne by the Donors.
  6. The gift will be sent to the home address/parcel locker indicated in the registration form.
  7. The Beneficiary commits to receiving the gift within the timeframe indicated by the supplier.
  8. The Organizer is not responsible for the inability to deliver the gift to the Beneficiary for reasons not attributable to the Organizer.
§ 6 Participation registration
  1. The Beneficiary (or legal guardian on their behalf) writes a letter to Santa in paper form without including any other data than the name and age, possibly shoe/clothing size if the Beneficiary requests such. It is advisable to include the Beneficiary's interests in the content of the letter.
  2. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian takes a high-resolution photo of the letter.
  3. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian obtains a one-time verification code from the department employee, necessary to send the application.
  4. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian submits the letter through the form located on www.paczkanagwiazdke.pl in the SEND LETTER section, attaching the previously taken photo of the letter and providing the one-time verification code obtained from the department.
  5. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian fills out all fields of the form, ensuring that the delivery address, contact phone, and e-mail are correct.
  6. After logging into the system using a FB/GOOGLE account (used earlier for letter submission), the Beneficiary in the MY RESERVATIONS tab can view the content and status of the letter and send a message to the Donor or upload a photo with the gift after its receipt.
  7. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian commits to confirming receipt of the package: SMS to (+48) 792 091 084/email [email protected] or by changing the package status in the MY RESERVATIONS tab to RECEIVED by the end of January 2025.
  8. The Beneficiary/Legal Guardian has the option to consent to the sharing of the submitted photo with the package on the Facebook/Instagram/Website PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS - in the registration form.
  9. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian has the option to like/follow the profile PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS on Facebook/Instagram. This will provide access to current information about the campaign and any accompanying campaigns such as free educational workshops.
  10. The Beneficiary/Legal guardian may share information about the PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS campaign among family and friends on social media, increasing the chance of fulfilling all submitted letters.
§ 7 Final provisions
  1. The Campaign regulations are available on the website paczkanagwiazdke.pl throughout the Duration of the Campaign, subject to the situation where there is a failure of this Service. The regulations are also available for viewing during the Duration of the Campaign at the children's oncology departments covered by the Campaign.
  2. All information about the event contained in any promotional and advertising materials are auxiliary in nature, while the rules of organization and participation in the Campaign are regulated and assessed based on the provisions of these Regulations.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations, provided it does not negatively affect the terms of the Campaign for the Beneficiary. Changes take effect from the day of their publication on the site paczkanagwiazdke.pl.
  4. All matters related to the Campaign and the Regulations are governed by Polish law.
  5. Contact with the Organizer in connection with the implementation of the Campaign is available at the following email address: [email protected] or phone (+48) 792 091 084
  6. The Regulations come into effect from the day of announcement on the website paczkanagwiazdke.pl.


  1. Consent for disseminating the image (photo of the child with the gift) on FB and the website paczkanagwiazdke.pl is voluntary.
  2. If you have filled out a contact form on one of our pages providing your personal data, such as:
    • name and surname,
    • email address,
    • home address (in the case of a beneficiary),
    • age (in the case of a beneficiary),
    • height (in the case of a beneficiary).
    Please be informed that the data provided will be used for the purposes of the Package for Christmas.
  3. In accordance with Article 13 of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, we inform you that the Administrator of the data submitted in the forms on the website paczkanagwiazdke.pl is SOCIAL COMMITTEE FOR THE PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS.
  4. Consent to process personal data is required for the realization of the package.
    Lack of consent will prevent the delivery of the package to the Beneficiary.
  5. The personal data of the Beneficiary/Donor will be processed for purposes:
    • related to the realization of the finale of the 9th edition of the Package for Christmas campaign,
    • sending the Beneficiary/Legal Guardian information about the Committee's activities,
    • sending the Beneficiary/Legal Guardian information about other events organized by the Social Committee for the Package for Christmas,
    • sending Donors invitations to participate in subsequent editions of the Package for Christmas.
  6. Category of personal data: non-sensitive.
  7. The personal data of the Beneficiary/Donor were obtained from the LETTER SUBMISSION/LETTER RESERVATION form and constitute the basis for participation in the event.
  8. The recipients of the personal data of the Beneficiary/Donor will be members of the SOCIAL COMMITTEE FOR THE PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS.
  9. The Beneficiary/Donor has the right to access the content of their data, their rectification and deletion.
  10. The personal data of the Beneficiary/Donor will not be transferred to other entities, excluding authorities acting on the basis of law, to a third country or an international organization.
  11. Protection of the personal data of the Beneficiary/Donor is ensured by implementing appropriate precautionary measures, both organizational and technical. These measures specifically aim to protect against unauthorized, illegal, or accidental access, processing, loss, use, and manipulation.
  12. The SOCIAL COMMITTEE FOR THE PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS will endeavor to ensure that any data breaches are detected early and reported to the Beneficiary/Legal Guardian/Donor or the appropriate regulatory authority as quickly as possible, considering the relevant data categories.
  13. Approval of the submission form implies consent to the processing of personal data.

    Consent to the processing of personal data is voluntary, but its absence will prevent the fulfillment of activities as part of the PACKAGE FOR CHRISTMAS.